Fantom is a Lifestyle, Sporting Goods, & Apparel Company founded to encourage and assist all athletes to work hard, and to strive for greatness. 

Fantom is the home of the extremely effective and versatile Fantom Throw Football Trainer. The Fantom Throw Football Trainer allows an athlete to actively throw and catch a football, both indoors or outdoors, while simulating real game like action. It also removes training deterrents (excuses) such as: time, space, weather, and daylight for athletes of all skill levels. 

Currently the Fantom Throw Football Trainer is the only single player training device that allows a user the ability to throw and catch perfect spiral passes – offering technology that will help any athlete achieve greatness through repetition.  Every player that wants to be great, no matter their position, will gain better ball skills, reaction, awareness, vision, confidence, catching abilities, and more by using our Fantom Throw Football Trainer.   

The Fantom Throw Football Trainer is now being used by youth, high school, college, and NFL players across the world, and is MADE IN USA.

Fantom will continue to bring new variations and apparel to the market. We value your trust and appreciate your feedback and support. Welcome to our family.